About Living The Chi Life:

Living the Chi Life is a blog for college students living in Chicago. Created and operated by five Loyola students we aim to bring you the best that Chicago has to offer on a student budget. We’ll be highlighting Chicago’s best food, entertainment, neighborhoods, and student discounts.

Follow us to experience the best of Chicago.

Who We Are: 


Colleen Laughlin


I’m Colleen, I’m 20 years old, and I like people, places, and things. I’m a sophomore Advertising/Public Relations major. I’m tempted to write this entire bio in Parks and Rec quotes, but I’ll contain myself to just the one at the beginning. I’m originally from a very small town in Connecticut so moving to Chicago for college was a huge change, and one I’m still not quite over. I want to explore Chicago at every chance I can get. I’m a total pop culture junkie and hope to one day do something in entertainment PR or marketing, but in the meantime you can find me marathoning Netflix while eating ice cream and drinking coffee. My favorite shows to marathon are Parks and Recreation, The Office, Criminal Minds, Parenthood, and Gilmore Girls, and my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.


Emily Wagner

Ideas Coordinator 

Hello dear reader! I’m Emily, a born and bred Bostonian who glad she has the chance to explore another great city. I can probably be summed up in two words, history and food, so expect lots of posts about the many museums and different cuisines Chicago has to offer. I’ve never met an exhibit or a dish I didn’t like! When I’m not out enriching my mind or my stomach, I enjoying organizing my agendas, serving the community with my fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.18.20 PM

Jordan Kunkel

Story and Visual Editor

I’m a freshman at Loyola University Chicago double-majoring in dance and journalism.  As someone who often needs a reminder to take a break, I hope to help you, our audience, detox from the stress of college by inspiring you to explore that book store or boutique you would never otherwise enter. City fun doesn’t require money, and there is always a free sample hiding around the corner. When I’m not living the Chi-life, I enjoy watching Friends, playing guitar (very badly, I might add), and napping.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.18.29 PM

Marisol Ledezma 

Audience Engagement Coordinator 

My name is Marisol and I am obsessed with my Chicago lifestyle. I was born in this great city and decided to stay here for college. I like to think of Chicago as my backyard, a place I explore whenever the opportunity presents itself. Those who know me well would tell you that I am passionate about music, so I will recommend and review a variety of venues and concerts. When I’m not busy at work or doing homework, I practice my DJ skills and hang out with those closest to me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.19.01 PM

Rena Haralambopoulos  

Story and Visual Editor 

Hello, friends! I’m Rena and I am a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago studying Advertising and Public Relations. I love DIY crafting and painting canvases for my friends! My weaknesses are puppies, pretzels, and let’s not forget Mr. Jimmy Fallon. From sipping tea in cozy coffee shops to running on our beloved Lake Michigan, I am always on the go! Expect to read many posts on health, fitness, and fun from me!


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