Our Chicago Faves!

As the school year winds to a close and college students are reflecting on the work they’ve completed and the memories they’ve made, the team here at Living the Chi Life thought it would be a great idea if we shared with you what our fondest Chicago memories are, or our favorite things about Chicago!

“My favorite Chicago memory from this school year was being able to make a spontaneous trip to the Tilt at the top of Hancock Tower. I am an adventurer despite my fear of heights, and it was breathtaking to be suspended in a plexi-glass box thousands of feet above the city of Chicago. That experience alone was such a rush, and made me appreciate just a little bit more.” – Emily

Photo Sep 14, 2 26 03 PM

The view from the John Hancock Observation Deck (Photo Credit: Emily Wagner)

“I’ve always been a huge fan of music and concerts, but before moving to Chicago I never really got the chance to go to that many concerts. What I love about Chicago is how many concerts are available. My freshman year I only went to one concert but this year I’ve been to 5 or 6. I’ve seen some of my favorite bands like Bleachers and The 1975, and discovered new bands like Oh Honey, New Politics, and Austin Gibbs, and rediscovered some old favorites like Paradise Fears and William Beckett. There are so many small and large venues throughout the city, so there’s never a shortage of great concerts. I’ve even paid as little as $10 a ticket to see some shows. I love that I have so much great music at my fingertips, and that I always have the opportunity to discover more great bands.” -Colleen

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“My best friend from home was visiting me at Loyola for a weekend of her spring break. I was showing her around downtown, impressing her with all of my “I’m such a city kid” knowledge. Anyway, we exit the Ghirardelli store (for free samples, of course) and decide to head home. We catch the 147 (express bus to howard) right as it’s about to leave, and rush out without bothering to check if it’s going north or south–I mean, I know Chicago so well, it’s not like I need to check anyway. Basically, we end up riding the bus for a really long time before I realize that the bus is emptying and we haven’t hit Lakeshore Drive. That’s because we had been going the wrong way. After that, my friend never trusted me with our Chicago directions, but we did get to make an awesome side-stop at Millennium Park to see the bean at night. All in all, great bonding time, but lesson learned: never assume the direction a bus is going.”

The Chicago Skyline from the Bean's perspective

The Chicago Skyline from the Bean’s perspective.

“My favorite thing about Chicago is its beauty. Living near the lake gives me the opportunity to appreciate Chicago’s natural beauty on a regular basis. I distinctly remember going on a boat cruise with my boyfriend last summer. Chicago’s skyline was breath taking. After the cruise, we spontaneously decided to take a ride on the Ferris wheel. It was definitely a night to remember.” – Marisol

“While I love many restaurants and different kinds of foods, my absolute favorite restaurant is Quartino in River North. I introduced it to my friends for my birthday and they loved it! It has an authentic Italian feel with food that tastes incredible. I love that the entrees are not too large so you can order many options and have a taste of everything without being bombarded! It’s a restaurant that values sharing so bring your best friend or plan your next date here! You won’t regret it!” – Rena

Baby Spinach Salad with pears, walnuts, & ricotta


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