Restaurant Spotlight: Uncommon Ground

by Emily Wagner

In my opinion, breakfast food is the best type of food, and because of this, I am always on the hunt for really delicious restaurants that serve it. This Sunday, I went to Uncommon Ground, located at 1401 West Devon Ave in Chicago, for brunch, and can I just say, I was not disappointed.

One of the first things I noticed about the menu at Uncommon Ground is that they named the locations of where most of their food comes from. I believe in eating locally and organically, and it was refreshing to see a restaurant where most of their food comes from the Midwest. All of their produce was seasonal, and much of it comes from their rooftop garden, which is the first organic one in the nation. Uncommon Ground is also Green Restaurant certified, which means it is committed to making an environmental difference.

2015-02-22 13.06.17


Now on to the important stuff: the food. The brunch menu was extensive, but not overwhelming, which can happen when you’re a breakfast food junkie like me. Some notable dishes were lemon-flaxseed pancakes served with blueberry compote, apple and pear French toast, and breakfast sliders, featuring eggs, avocado, bacon, and cheese. I, however, chose to order the eggs Benedict with seasonal vegetables from the rooftop garden. The poached egg was served on a bed of caramelized onions, spinach and mushrooms, smothered in an herb hollandaise sauce, all on top of an English muffin with a side of potatoes. It. Was. Delightful. The inside of the poached egg was just runny enough, the English muffin was crispy, the vegetables were cooked to perfection, and the herb hollandaise was unlike anything I’ve ever had. To compliment my meal, I ordered what Uncommon Ground calls “Orange You Glad,” made with orange juice, vanilla simple syrup, and soda water.

Brunch at Uncommon Ground was the perfect start to my Sunday, and I encourage any breakfast food fanatics like myself to check it out. What are some of your favorite breakfast or brunch places? Comment down below, I’m always interested in trying new restaurants!


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